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Construction Services logo design

I have a new client who just started his own construction services company. He asked me to create a new logo for him. It was pretty much wide open as to design. All he gave me was the name he wanted to use and then I was free to start designing. 🙂 As usual, I […]

Colour portrait work in progress

After working on the portrait of my grand daughter in black and white, I started the coloured version using Pencil Crayons.   Here is the original photo that I worked from: The first step was to trace out the dominant features: Once those were in place it was time to start with the many layers […]

The Business Cards

After the logo design had been approved, I started to work on the designs for the business cards. First, I started with some thumbs on paper as I always do, to get an idea of where I thought the logo could go in relation to the information given by the client for the card. I […]

The Logo Final

Once the client had looked over the three concepts, they picked one of the logo versions. The client wanted to see some options for their colours, so some ideas were sent back and forth until they were satisfied. They also wanted to see some revisions to the birch trees which were done. Once the final […]

Taking the logo to the computer

So after working on my initial sketches, I explored a couple that I thought might work on the computer. I did some research on what paper birch trees look like to properly represent them and then start to sketch on the computer. After a few hours I came up with three strong ideas that I […]

New Logo Design

A new client asked me to design a logo for their new landscaping business. Once we sorted out the details of what was needed I got to work on some sketches. The client had already picked a name for the new company and had an idea of what colours they wanted, as well as a […]

Design Inspiration

As a full-time working graphic designer you often find yourself doing your day-to-day work and looking at what others are doing and feeling envious. Our regular work isn’t something new to us, so it isn’t exciting anymore. How do we keep ourselves excited about what we do? How do we find inspiration in others work? […]

Graphite Drawing Work In Progress

My next project in coloured pencil is going to be a photo that my daughter-in-law took of my granddaughter. But I thought I would try it in pencil first. It has been a long time since I used graphite and something I need to pick up again.   Here is the original photo converted to […]

Portrait Commission

Back in November of 2011, I was approached to do a commission of a portrait. I was just starting to explore coloured pencil at that time, so I decided that would be the medium I would use. I knew I had a few months to be able to work on the portrait so I wasn’t […]

Photography courses

As a graphic designer and illustrator I work with photos all the time. I purchase stock photography from many of the major sites and I also work with professional photographers to get specific photoshoots done. One of the things I haven’t done is tried to improve my own photography skills. Here in Calgary there are […]