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Getting a new business brand started

After the brand and logo had been decided on, it was time to work on some identity pieces. First came the business cards: Then the letterhead and some forms needed for their clients: Then getting their facebook page up and running. I created a custom illustrated cover and placed the logo as needed: The client’s […]

Brand and Logo design

A client was opening up a new physiotherapy office and contacted me about getting a logo. I have a brand and logo design brief that I have created to help the client and me to determine what is needed. After going through that exercise I went to my drawing table. I came up with 4 […]

The simplicity of logo design

I love it when I come across a logo that I love and wish I had created. The Salt Lake City Public Library is one such logo, so simple and yet it works. Here is is on the outside of the building: I can’t find information on who created the logo but what a great job! […]

Hand gesture drawing

A client had purchased a cartoon drawing of a man, but he wanted me to redraw the right hand to have a well known Italian gesture. I needed to create the hand so it closely resembles the original drawing. I have posted the before and after of the drawing. Here is the before: And here is the after, […]

Bulldog puppy for a competition

I decided to enter a coloured pencil drawing competition. The drawing was of a bull dog puppy, on a fluffy blanket. I used the suede matt board that I have been using for fur. It was a very difficult drawing with the fuzziness of the blanket and the soft fur of the puppy but it […]

Computerized drawing

I got to work on an interesting computer drawing for a client. He was looking for a prize wheel based on a picture he found on line. I was able to create the wheel for him and it will be used in an app he is creating. It was interesting trying to get the the wheel […]

Hand-painted wood laundry room sign

I have also started to create some wood and canvas signs. I love being able to handpaint onto a piece of wood knowing it will hang on a wall somewhere. Here is the work in progress and the final for this piece.

Soze’s portrait in coloured pencil

In the meantime, I have been working on a new coloured pencil portrait of Soze. Here is the portrait which also shows the work in progress: I am happy with how this turned out. I used a new background material and it helped to develop the fur beautifully.

Next step: Facebook page

After creating all of the pieces needed to get Calvert’s Construction Services started, the next step was a facebook page. I created the page for Calvert making sure he had a catchy cover photo. We will continue to change this up over the next few months. Here is the new cover photo: Here is a […]

CCS Business cards and stationary

Once the logo was finished, I moved onto the business card design. This is one of my favourite things to design. It would be great to use custom dies and inks for the cards, but most clients are looking for something affordable. These were the initial designs sent to the client: From these three concepts, […]