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Brand and Logo design

A client was opening up a new physiotherapy office and contacted me about getting a logo. I have a brand and logo design brief that I have created to help the client and me to determine what is needed. After going through that exercise I went to my drawing table.

I came up with 4 strong ideas to show the client.

The client looked over the designs and decided they liked the second concept with the celtic knots but wanted me to explore some more font options. They also wanted the i to stand out more. I went back to my computer and worked on the design until they were satisfied. I always work in black and white first. If the logo doesn’t work in black and white then it won’t work in colour.

I sent the client some colour options based on choices from our brand brief. Here is the final version in full colour. I was very pleased with the final result and so was the client!

After the logo was completed, I created a logo guideline for the client to give to other graphic designers or service providers. This explains how to use the logo properly, minimum size, colours, etc.

I also created an identity board for the client. This shows all the elements of the brand, the logo, the primary and secondary colours, the fonts, and other elements. This was provided to the web designer so he could build their website. Hopefully this made his job easier.